The management company  Brown Talent Management named after the owner of Premiere Booking Agency Autumn Brown. 

The company is now an "all in one" company that not only books music artists, but also manager them as well, and at the same time giving them a direct connect to record labels.

We are looking to add talent and help them develop into bankable stars that will shine bright for music fans both nationwide and world-wide.

BROWN TALENT MANAGEMENT is seeking artists that have a drive, and a passion for music, and are willing to make a commit to work just as hard as the management that will guide their careers to the next levels.

The management team is looking for established artists, and singers that are up and coming with possess that "it" factor.

Drive, passion, and commitment are the qualities BROWN MANAGEMENT is seeking.

We currently manage one artist Christina Custode . Find out More... 


Autumn has 20 years experience as an artist manager, and concert promotion credits, and is the owner of premiere booking agency, and is the founder of brown talent management, which has now been renames tmz premiere management to reflect the new partnership with super producer and writer "shotta bwoy." 
autumn had a management/promotions company before called access entertainment productions.

If you are an artist that is looking to take your career to the next level, send us an email with your artist information. 
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